The Benefits of Bridging

The Bridging Institute of America was founded by design and project management professionals because of the benefit to project Owners if Bridging is correctly done. Those benefits are:

  • Provides the Project Owner with firm construction price in about half the time and half the design cost before the Owner has a firm price for the construction,
  • Usually saves 4-5% or more in cost for fully equivalent end product,
  • Dramatically reduces Owner’s exposure to contractor initiated change orders and claims,
  • Provides quicker fixes and less disputes for correcting ever present “bugs” in new construction.
  • Reduces the Owner's Design Consultant's exposure to professional liability claims

The Mission of the BIA

The Bridging method was designed by experienced Architects and Construction Program Managers to protect the Owner in a construction programs while helping designers and builders provide better services. The Bridging Institute was created to act as a non-profit resource for the design and program management professions, as well as Owners and legal advisors acting on behalf of Owners.

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